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千般叮咛万般语 安全嘱咐在第一

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There is an old Chinese saying, "A thousand li dike is broken by a nest of ants", which comes from a philosophical idiom in "Han Feizi  Yu Lao". It warns people that they should pay enough attention to small  safety risks. This also applies to all aspects of enterprise management. A little less management mistakes, the operation of a lot of peace.


Bona is well aware of the importance of safety management, in 2017 passed the occupational health and safety management system certification  (certification scope includes electricity meters and electricity information  collection, distribution automation system product design, production and  related management activities, etc.), And in the actual operation and  management of enterprises to implement.


On March 30, 2022, Bona Group organized the spring safety training activities of Beijing headquarters, and implemented the publicity and  implementation of changping District Safety Management Committee on self-inspection and self-correction. Group integrated department  organizing the training, combined with the recent electric bicycle major fire accident in Beijing, in the form of instances about electric bicycle safety  knowledge popularization, and the content includes the safe usage of electric  bicycle, battery fire prevention measures, etc., related laws and regulations  on road safety and typical accident driving safety case, safety concept and so  on carries on the seminar.
This lecture is simple and thought-provoking.  From theory to practice, from macro to micro, the lecture is complementary and  combined with each other, which has strong guidance and effectiveness for all  employees to drive safely.


Safety is the biggest savings, but also the cornerstone of efficiency,The training promoted the safety management culture , Further  strengthen the awareness of all staff, enhance the awareness of the  implementation of the safety system.


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